Montreal Canadiens Alumni vs Kitimat Guns-N-Hoses Game (Initiation kids at the Intermission)

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Sportsmanship Starts In The Stands

A message from our President:
This year I have had very limited personal time and in the past very limited participation when putting on the yearly meeting for sportsmanship in the stands.
Therefore I am doing it via email and hopefully everyone can read it at their leisure.
BC Hockey has mandated that every parent is aware of their program and that our MHA has locker room policies etc.
BC Hockey has a whole presentation available on their webpage in power point and also video that you can access.  Please follow the link provided:  Sportsmanship in the stands
In short BC hockey wants to let every parent and spectator know that we are to remember these are children playing and many times children refereeing the games.  Please let them have fun and play the game.  A child must be the one wanting to play this sport not the parent or guardian.  As much as we are happy and grateful you have chosen hockey as your extra curricular activity your child will not be successful if they are not the one that wants to participate.
Keep your player focused on participation and fun not on results.  Support your child and their enjoyment.
Let the coaches coach and be respectful and positive.  If there is an issue please first use the divisional manager and if you need more guidance you can come to the executive.  The executive uses our past policies and practices as guidance and the District President with her wealth of knowledge as our go to when we have questions. Use the 24 hour rule as a cooling period to collect your thoughts and emotions before approaching any volunteers.
Remember when interacting with the hockey family that your child is watching and do as you would want them to model after you.  Respect for everyone should be a main focus.
MHA policies that are there to help and protect all are gathered from BC Hockey and Hockey Canada.  Social media is something that should only be used as something to share with the community or families etc.  Please think before you post pictures and or information on any social media site.  The locker room has a no camera policy for some obvious reason.  Kids maybe undressing or half dressed and although they are in the background and you don’t notice and may be taking a pic of your own child there are other people and children in that room too please think before you snap your camera.  As the kids get older and have their own devices they should not be used in the locker room.
As a volunteer in any capacity please help in protecting yourselves and the children by following a two deep policy.  Two adults when helping a child in a situation where you might have been alone.  If a child gets hurt and goes to the locker room the safety person and another adult must go if the parent is unavailable.
All things that KMHA does are done following these guidelines in their appropriate divisions.  We answer to BC hockey and then to Hockey Canada.
The power point and video are available as said earlier please take a look.
Thank you for your time in this matter for helping in KMHA and for allowing your child or children to participate in KMHA.

Attn: Coaches, Safety Reps, Divisional Managers, & On Ice Assistants

Good Day Volunteers,


Who’s excited to get back on the ice with the kids?!


Please see attached link to BC Hockey in regards to the Respect in Sport (RIS), Concussion awareness (CATT) and Safety Clinic (HCSP). Just to clarify all volunteers require RIS and CATT.   Just safety representatives are required to do the HCSP course.  Please submit your receipts to Mike Forward KMHA Treasurer –


BC Hockey website for courses:


To further your certification on becoming a KMHA volunteer, you must complete a criminal record check. Criminal record checks are now available online. We are asking that all volunteers get their Criminal Record Checks done every season, again no cost to you!


See link below




All your efforts are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.   If you could do the courses at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. However, you will not be able to volunteer until these are complete.


Wishing all the kids, coaches and volunteers a fantastic season!


Kind Regards,


Courtney Fairbrother
KMHA Risk Manager

Former Kitimat Minor Hockey Player – Justin Almeida is drafted into the NHL

The Pittsburgh Penguins have drafted former Kitimat Minor Hockey Player – Justin Almeida into the NHL.

Congratulations Justin!